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words are poison darts of pleasure

well this weekend was nothing less than interesting...first of all friday i decide to start drinking again so after i almost finish whats in my flask i ask my mom if i can go to leahs and she actually said yea..drunk and i go down there drink the rest of my shit and a shot of...humm..somthing yea and i smoked the rest of my friends counsin came over and was already drinking sum so he smoked with me and everyone was laughing at me cause i was totally fucked up..i had takin a zanie, drank, and smoked...woa i havn't been that happy in soo fucking long...then later i passed out..of corse...

..woake up the next day and get laura to come to the movies and to get sum shoes with me (there vans and i love them)..we went to see The was pretty good..oh and this whole time i keep trying to get intouch with tinker cause she came down but i couldn't get intouch with her...well apparently after leaving her lots of messages she called me and and left like 3 messages on my phone...I HATE PHONE TAGE!!..but yea never gotahold of her ways after the movies laura and i went to Leahs where we drank and smoked sum...i was feelin real good...passed out at about 1am..then woke up and left leahs at 1pm cause she was goin to work and laura and i r suposed to meet thie kimi and her friend and smoke sum...but ofcorse we get to lauras and cant get ahold of either of them so we just smoke what weed we had left and watches Blow..which i left over there!!! oh it was all-in-all a good weekend except for not seeing tink..but i knew that wouldn't happen..her parents hate me..they think i'm a bad influence..PSH!!!!

...OH..i talked to teddy but only to ask him if he hated me and he said no he never did so that was good..we talked alittle the next day..i think he might still like me cause every now and then i'll see him look at me..i'd really like to b better friends with him again....
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