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well nothing has really been happening...i don't like sexi boy ne more, started sexually harassing Greg, but i think i might stop cause i'm probably just bothering is still fine as hell OMFG! you have no idea..but yea...nothing else has been happening...things Rn't that bad i guess...i had to go back to the gyno which sucked, i think i might stop taking the birthcontrol because..well..theres no point..i'm never having sex and i think i like it that way..(no i don't)lol ..oh yea and my grandfather is dieing so we have to go visite him tomorrow in jacksonville...this shal b sad as fuck.

Allie, Laura..i love yall very much, i havn't talked to yall in awhile it's making me sad...i've been meaning to call but ya know me never getting around to a damn thing...sorry..holla
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