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death!...such pain

well i don't know if i mentioned this but my grandfather is dieing so we spent the other weekend in was sad watching how bad off he was *tears*..

..i havn't been drunk at all this year..the last time i was drunk was newyears..which ways other shitty events have occured as well...i'm still sick from..sumthing and was feeling drousy/shitty half the damn day..i spend waay too much time with my mom so every little thing she does pisses me off..but all in all i feel great! FUCK YOU WORLD AND TRYIN TO KEEP ME DOWN!!!..!!!!BITCHES!!!! *twitch*...oh yea it's back...oh and other depressing shit was how everyone! went to the damn mondex or did some sort of partying...and they all had nice stories of there great drunken weekends and i got to sit home sick

i can't wait til valentines day, i know i dont' have a boy but i still want to share chocklates with my friends...oh and they have been sellig these creepy valentines monkeys with wierd sayings on them like i love you, and i'm ape for you silly but i got one that says "i love you" for greg and anoher for will b depressing when i don't get ne thing but seeing my happy friends will make me feel better :)

alura loves allie and laura....sorry yall i didn't talk to you this weekend but i was too busy doin NOTHING!...and my computer has been...malfunctioning...again....damn
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