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ok well i have alooooot to bitch about...i'm online cause i have nothing else to do...ok lets see it all started when i turned 16 (grrr) well my b-day was great...i only hung with my cuz and cassie and we got wasted and mud wrestled...said we would come back at like 11 and it was round 3 when i stumbled in..didn't get introuble though cause it was my bday..ok after that hummm oh my cuz..(ok all these stories will start with me and my cuz cause he is the root of all my suffering but it's great) ok so at like the beginning of march i wanted to chill with johnny nothing great just hang..well he never shows up so i pass out and then at like 1130 he taps on my window and wakes me up...he's got a bottle and wants to share (already drunk himself) but yea so i go and ask my mom and my dads all like " can't go ne where" ( i had previously had a drink..ONE DRINK) and he thinks were gunna go driving around and get drunk WTF!! lol but yea so we sit on his tail gate ( in my front yard) and proceed to get drunk and well i get a good buz and he's like "go see if there sleeping so we can ride out" (now this isn't sumthing i would do i have never snuck out b4 so i'm like can't get cought my first time...oh how wrong i was) so they 'appear' to be asleep so we are starting his truck to and well he doesn't have a muffler on his truck so it's loud as fuck and we look at each other and are all like "lol well it seemed like a good idea at the time" so we go out get drunker, i LOST MY RETAINER..(which was 95$$ to replace)i had it in my pocket while i was drinking and when i got out i lost it..grr.. ok so got back and got in trouble..wasn't alloud to chill with johnny for amonth...ok so a month goes by..(like the day b4 yesterday) my mom and i start fighting cause..i dont' know why well she told me i wasn't aloud to come home from chillin with johnny so i said i'd pass out at loryns..well we take off and i hadn't eaten ne thing like all day so i got real sick..i couldn't see and i was pukin it was offle..(note to all EAT b4 drinking) ne ways well i take johnny home and pass out sumwhere in the woods...well wake up at 8am...still drunk...start go to back to loryns and get stuck..AAAH..i had to walk to my other cousins and go in his house (with him not there) use his phone and called johnny to come help me but he couldn't use his truck (from the last insident with us taking off he wasn't aloud to use his trucks til he turns 18 on april 16th)ne ways we got my aunt to get me unstuck at like 930am..well i had been stuck in a huge puddle..i said to myself "thats not a deep puddle, that right theres a shallow puddle" well i was fucking wrong, so my car was filled with water..(still getting all the water out of my car) and well yea i go to loryns to clean my shit off and all of a sudden loryns brother comes up to me and says my mom had already been there looking for me and knows i didn't come back last night so i'm like fuck...i go to my house and just told my mom the truth about what happend...she doesn't believe i was too drunk to drive home and thinks i like spent the night with someone..then she was like " i don't care how drunk you are in the woods you drive home!!" i told her to fuck off and that if i feel i'm too fucking drunk to drive i'm not gunna indanger myself and wrap my self around a tree or get yea well i'm super in trouble..never aloud to hang with johnny, and just plane grounded for the reast of spring break...oh i did get a job at the fronteer bussing mom made a point to call up there and put in her two cents so i'm like the little bitch up there everyone has to look after...*sigh* and that pretty much puts u up todate on the shit in my life...allie and laura i totally wanted to hang this SB but as you can see shit happpened...sorry...
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