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athousand clever lines unread on clever napkins

i know you well enough to know you never loved me

27 February
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bong-$50, lighter-.67, weed-$100, shrooms-$5....finally seeing things clearly-priceless

..this shit gets me OFF..*gets off on it's sexiness*

i will kiss this boy if it's that last thing i do..lol

..ok soo
i think the yin yang represents me totally..i'm a big ball of emotion, or sum times non at all..you can never expect what side of me you'll see next..i'll b 'sane' and then WAMM! i'm alll crackedout..i seldom get pissed though..*sigh* i'm so many different thing..i'm fuckin crazy..i'm in my own catagory of wierd/normal