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humm... [17 May 2006|09:05pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Allie...i just happened to be online and thought i would check this thing back out...it has been awhile since i even looked at it and i dont even know if you will ever read this 'cause your probably into myspace by now...but yea...i love you...call me if you read this...

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sigh [03 Jun 2005|03:15pm]
[ mood | wanting people dead pissed ]

well i havn't fucking updated in forever cause i guess i got a job and have been doin better things...it's summer now which kicksass i've been having lots of fun...lots of drinking that is..lol yea ne ways hummm well i've lost all patience with people latly, i used to be able to handle everyone but latly i can't handle the little things people say i've been flippin out and i've cryed for the past 2days which is real wierd cause i havn't fuckin cryed in the longest damn time...

ne ways the other day i was at work and two friends of mine had walked down to the resteraunt to eat and wanted me to give them a ride home when i got off which was in a few min so i told them to wait out back by my truck and they had both been drinking, one was 19 and the other 15 and when i get out there to leave apparently the 19 year old guy had been kicking in the sides car doors and MINE TOO i was furious i fucking took brian (the 15 year old) and we fucking left, well apparently brian had stole a radio out of a girls truck that i work with and well the next day a whole bunch of people rode down to jerramys house (19) so kick his ass for kickin the cars in and stealing...well being the kind person i am i prevented him an ass kickin (for now) and got the radio back for the chick...that was the only dramatic/shitty ass evet that has happened so far...everything else has been fun...i really like working at the frontier(sometimes) because the people can b pretty kool...

i'm really bumbed out that i didn't get to see allie b4 she left but hopefully i'll get to see her when she gets back...


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oh you better belivev i was drunk [23 Apr 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]

ok so well i got off work at like 10:30pm and took my fat ass over to allies, laura was sleeping so me and allie got nice and drunk, left my friend like 5 drunkin rambeling messages, it was great!! hummm well just sittin around ...yep

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[14 Apr 2005|09:38am]
[ mood | devious ]

well i'm at school doing....research..(lol)..yea these people r stupid..ne who yesterday was interesting it was a half day so i desided to go for a ride down to this streem my cuz found and well of corse we get stuck waaay yonger in the woods it was like a 45 min walk back to a place we could use the phone and call my mom, then i had to go to work which was..fun..grr..ne ways OH SHIT!!!
ok last saturday i went to the beach with my mom and got super burnt (had to go to work the same day and sunday) so my skin starts pealing really soon so i peal my stomach and now a spot on my stomach is all raw and hurts but i've been taking sum painkillers :) so it's bearable..i'm feeling ok now :)
i miss everyone soo much the only days i have off are monday and tuesday so i don't get to hang much the only things i can do r shit around my house which is all fun n shit but i miss allie and laura soo much (i love yall)..i don't know if i mentioned this but i got myself in a spot of trouble again..me and my mom had been fighting and i was about to go out riddin with jonny and so she was all like "don't you come back home, go stay with loryn" so of corse i say thats what i'm gunna do but when we went drinking i hadnt' eaten all day and got sick and couldn't drive home so i just passed out in the woods..well woke up at 8am still drunk and got stuck, walked to my other cousins house (who wasn't home) went in ne ways used his phone and called jonny who came and we got my aunt to pull me out...my car is filled with water and all muddy so i go to loryns to try and cover up my mess and find out that my mom had already been out looking for me so i just go home and told her what had happened and that i didn't feel like driving to loryns so i got grounded all spring break..it was offle!! but everything is allright now..i don't get online ne more really cause well i'm usually working..but it's great i get pain 6.15 an hr to do nuthin..it's great..hummm well not much else to bitch about i guess i should start my research..lol NOT! hehe i'm..eh..*twitches*

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sadness [30 Mar 2005|03:11pm]
oh and to make things worse my grandfather passed away
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PAIN!!!!SO MUCH PAIN!!!! [30 Mar 2005|11:30am]
[ mood | pissed as hell ]

ok well i have alooooot to bitch about...i'm online cause i have nothing else to do...ok lets see it all started when i turned 16 (grrr) well my b-day was great...i only hung with my cuz and cassie and we got wasted and mud wrestled...said we would come back at like 11 and it was round 3 when i stumbled in..didn't get introuble though cause it was my bday..ok after that hummm oh my cuz..(ok all these stories will start with me and my cuz cause he is the root of all my suffering but it's great) ok so at like the beginning of march i wanted to chill with johnny nothing great just hang..well he never shows up so i pass out and then at like 1130 he taps on my window and wakes me up...he's got a bottle and wants to share (already drunk himself) but yea so i go and ask my mom and my dads all like "no...you can't go ne where" ( i had previously had a drink..ONE DRINK) and he thinks were gunna go driving around and get drunk WTF!! lol but yea so we sit on his tail gate ( in my front yard) and proceed to get drunk and well i get a good buz and he's like "go see if there sleeping so we can ride out" (now this isn't sumthing i would do i have never snuck out b4 so i'm like can't get cought my first time...oh how wrong i was) so they 'appear' to be asleep so we are starting his truck to leave..lol and well he doesn't have a muffler on his truck so it's loud as fuck and we look at each other and are all like "lol well it seemed like a good idea at the time" so we go out get drunker, i LOST MY RETAINER..(which was 95$$ to replace)i had it in my pocket while i was drinking and when i got out i lost it..grr.. ok so got back and got cought...got in trouble..wasn't alloud to chill with johnny for amonth...ok so a month goes by..(like the day b4 yesterday) my mom and i start fighting cause..i dont' know why well she told me i wasn't aloud to come home from chillin with johnny so i said i'd pass out at loryns..well we take off and i hadn't eaten ne thing like all day so i got real sick..i couldn't see and i was pukin it was offle..(note to all EAT b4 drinking) ne ways well i take johnny home and pass out sumwhere in the woods...well wake up at 8am...still drunk...start go to back to loryns and get stuck..AAAH..i had to walk to my other cousins and go in his house (with him not there) use his phone and called johnny to come help me but he couldn't use his truck (from the last insident with us taking off he wasn't aloud to use his trucks til he turns 18 on april 16th)ne ways we got my aunt to get me unstuck at like 930am..well i had been stuck in a huge puddle..i said to myself "thats not a deep puddle, that right theres a shallow puddle" well i was fucking wrong, so my car was filled with water..(still getting all the water out of my car) and well yea i go to loryns to clean my shit off and all of a sudden loryns brother comes up to me and says my mom had already been there looking for me and knows i didn't come back last night so i'm like fuck...i go to my house and just told my mom the truth about what happend...she doesn't believe i was too drunk to drive home and thinks i like spent the night with someone..then she was like " i don't care how drunk you are in the woods you drive home!!" i told her to fuck off and that if i feel i'm too fucking drunk to drive i'm not gunna indanger myself and wrap my self around a tree or get lost...so yea well i'm super in trouble..never aloud to hang with johnny, and just plane grounded for the reast of spring break...oh i did get a job at the fronteer bussing tables...my mom made a point to call up there and put in her two cents so i'm like the little bitch up there everyone has to look after...*sigh* and that pretty much puts u up todate on the shit in my life...allie and laura i totally wanted to hang this SB but as you can see shit happpened...sorry...

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..... [12 Feb 2005|11:29pm]
well i spent all day cleaning my house...it was actually nice..it was my 'me' time...although i did break my chair :( ..humm...thats all
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death!...such pain [07 Feb 2005|03:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well i don't know if i mentioned this but my grandfather is dieing so we spent the other weekend in jacksonville..it was sad watching how bad off he was *tears*..

..i havn't been drunk at all this year..the last time i was drunk was newyears..which sucked..ne ways other shitty events have occured as well...i'm still sick from..sumthing and was feeling drousy/shitty half the damn day..i spend waay too much time with my mom so every little thing she does pisses me off..but all in all i feel great! FUCK YOU WORLD AND TRYIN TO KEEP ME DOWN!!!..!!!!BITCHES!!!! *twitch*...oh yea it's back...oh and other depressing shit was how everyone! went to the damn mondex or did some sort of partying...and they all had nice stories of there great drunken weekends and i got to sit home sick

i can't wait til valentines day, i know i dont' have a boy but i still want to share chocklates with my friends...oh and they have been sellig these creepy valentines monkeys with wierd sayings on them like i love you, and i'm ape for you ..lol silly but i got one that says "i love you" for greg and anoher for cassie...it will b depressing when i don't get ne thing but seeing my happy friends will make me feel better :)

alura loves allie and laura....sorry yall i didn't talk to you this weekend but i was too busy doin NOTHING!...and my computer has been...malfunctioning...again....damn

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.... [28 Jan 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well nothing has really been happening...i don't like sexi boy ne more, started sexually harassing Greg, but i think i might stop cause i'm probably just bothering him..so yea..chase is still fine as hell OMFG! you have no idea..but yea...nothing else has been happening...things Rn't that bad i guess...i had to go back to the gyno which sucked, i think i might stop taking the birthcontrol because..well..theres no point..i'm never having sex and i think i like it that way..(no i don't)lol ..oh yea and my grandfather is dieing so we have to go visite him tomorrow in jacksonville...this shal b sad as fuck.

Allie, Laura..i love yall very much, i havn't talked to yall in awhile it's making me sad...i've been meaning to call but ya know me never getting around to a damn thing...sorry..holla

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well damnit I's jus' tryin to help you our bitch -meatwad- [03 Jan 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well today was painful as hell...first of all i didn't pass out til like 330am cause i'm so used to stayin up late...and well then..the day starts..my bus is late as fuck but whatever, sexy boy rides bus for first time in ages so i think this is cool i'll get some convo time in..but yea it was alot more difficult keeping up the convo then i was hopping so that idea crashed and burned (he didn't seemed too excited to b talking to me either so yea) this pretty much where my day died.....well i'm sick and of corse never look that great ne ways but today apparently i looked expecially hideous cause all my friends mentioned somthing about my paleness/pissed off look i had on my face..AAHRARRAAG!..to top things off i starts tweeking out in spanish (as usual after lunch) and Greg refuses to a kiss ON THE CHEEK!..*sigh* he taunts me with his sexiness...ne ways..school..sucked

!!!this is just bitchin about my mom...it's not really worth reading...

...gets home...
loryn comes over as usual were chillin and after we got back from the store Tristram pulled up and we're all sittin inside and my mom starts screaming at loryn and through broccoli(sp?) at her..i was sooo embarissed i just asked them both to leave...my mom has been acting totally fucked in the head her hormones r alll fucked...i almost cryed she embarissed me so bad...but yea after the..incident..loryn comes back, mon starts yelling at her and then talking to her and chillin n shit...SHE'S BIPOLAR I SWEAR! make up your mind you hate a bitch or you like her...and she's always talking shit about how terrible loryn is and that i can't go out riddin with the guys cause of her or what ever so we start fighting and then she calms down...her mood swings were totally pissing me off. Then she starts wresteling wiht loryn cause she's all hypper n shit and then trys to start fucking with me so i just left and went out side and sat in my car til i cooled off...i cannot stand the noises that woman makes with her face!...ne ways i'm done bitchin bout mumsie

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i wont b friends with you til the end of the day [02 Jan 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i forgot to mention about another funny thing that happened on newyears...we are all at matts house (whos wasted) and loryn pics up this pie and she's all WTF is this!! matt says "it's blue berry pit" and loryns like "its all fucking moldy"..lol and it was..she went to through it away and he's all "it's still good it's just blue berrys" lmfao...

ne ways today we went to wall mart and i got Aqua Teen Hunger Force, chase is always raving about it so i got it and went to his house to watch some of it..it's pretty funny but i like invader zim better...

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new years! [02 Jan 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | crazy ]

well new years was intertaining...we all went to this guys house and well drank n shit not really smashed but ya know...johnny was pretty drunk and well loryn and tristram were obviously wanting to be alone (so i thought) but loryn was all "i want maccaroni and cheese" and i was like "maccaroni and cheese is code name for we wanna be alone" it was soo fucking hilarious cause i kept wresteling with johnny tryin to get him outside but it wasn't working...aaah it was a amusing night..(you would of had to be there)..we got back at like 3 and well didn't wake up til 5pm...

AAAAH!!...ok so the guys house that we were at well he passed out so were just goin through his shit and we find some porn so of corse we plug it in...AAH! it was the worst porn ever...funny but painful..eh..oh yea fireworks at the relatives went ok i guess...well thats all folks

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rarrr!!! [30 Dec 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well mothing has happened today..katie was supposed to come over today but she sucks ass and didn't come over..i'm suposed to go to my aunt/uncles and party/leave and party else where..although they do have tons of not so legal fireworks so it should b interesting for awhile...tryin to get tinker out here cause she's in denellin(sp?) with her pops but it probably wont happen cause well i suck like that...

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guess whos back!! [30 Dec 2004|12:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

well i've been doin a whole lotta nuthin...my computer is working i guess but i don't know how much i'll use it...ne ways...i've been hangin with my cuz and his people latly and AAAH!!! he sucks...you see i like to hang with my cuz cause he knows he has the contacts that know this guy i like/think i like but nooo o'mighty slacker cousin of mine got grounded ALL WINTER BREAK, so yea can't see sexy boy which isn't really that bad i guess...lol i did give this boy my # but he says he lost it..lol yea right lost it in the trash. *shrugs*...
...damn chase and i have the worst timming in the whole fucking world...right when i start likeing 'guy' he asks me out...i mean i like chase but i know it wouldn't work out..i just like things the way they are..i love the boy but i know that when we started dating he would totally disgust me and piss me off all the time...thats just the kind of person i am, and i don't want to ruin our friendship he means too much to me..ne ways...corys the only boy for me..lol

but good news...katie..the girl johnny (my cuz) likes just might be comming over tomorrow...YAY!!

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[10 Dec 2004|11:25pm]
i havn't been online in awhile so yea here goes...

..been chillin with my redneck cuz which has actually been kickass on the count 'hot boy' was thur..humm...my anxiety has gone waay down, i still havn't done ne drung inawhile (except drunkenness) i've been eating and exercising..only cause i have weightlifting but still...things have been really good, except for all the suckieness...humm..me and chase r back to our..'special friendship', but it's totally cool with me cause i don't really like him that much since i like this other boy...i'm at Lallies, i enjoy laughing at them...i probably wont update for awhile since i'm a slacker...holla
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eeek!!! [13 Nov 2004|11:44am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

well i havn't been updating cause my computer is fucked so yea...well where to begin

chase moved in with his dad so last friday and saturday we spend all day together it was great i havn't 'spent time' with a boy in like 18 months so i enjoyed my time.. but then he went and got a girlfriend (that goes to my school) saturday night after we were done chillin...so yea..i'm over though..

me allie laura and cory went to see Saw..it was ok well yea bye

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you will return to me cause if you don't i'll start drinkin like the way i drank b4... [15 Oct 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | confused ]

well..humm...this week has gone by alright i guess although i have to watch my sis all weekend, well durring the day, my cuz is suposed to come by tonight or tomorrow and we're gunna go get drunk..nothing special just drinking to pass the time..hehe i know i'm a sober now..but i guess that doesn't count drinking..*sigh* i'm so bad at this whole sober thing...not that i'm always doing drugs mind you..

...ps..i was talking to teddy but hey guess who he's goin out with MY FRIEND!..felisha..grrrr...eh it's not that bad i dont' like him ne ways...i was just confused...i'm still confused

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i can see u but you can't see me....i could touch you and you wouldn't even feel me [12 Oct 2004|10:01am]
[ mood | oh yea..crack in my veins ]

i've made cory sum new sn's...himsax666x and my favorite Aluras6sex9slave yea add them to yalls shit...

..in other news i still havn't found a life, i went on a quest to find my mind (cause apparently i lost it)...still havn't found myself...humm..no boy...no life..no balls to comit suicide..*tears* no i'm getting better, slowly but it's happening...i've stoped doing drugs until i get unsick..or whatever..things could b worse..holla

..ps..oh yea and i've been talking to teddy for a little while now...he's cool..but i don't think i like him..me and allie have found that i never fully got closure on the relationship..so we'll see what happens...oh and there is a pretty boy in my lunch with pretty eyes...if only i could talk to him..humm..naah i'll just rape cory..hehe jk

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words are poison darts of pleasure [03 Oct 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | crack ]

well this weekend was nothing less than interesting...first of all friday i decide to start drinking again so after i almost finish whats in my flask i ask my mom if i can go to leahs and she actually said yea..drunk and everything..so i go down there drink the rest of my shit and a shot of...humm..somthing else..lol..but yea and i smoked the rest of my friends weed..my counsin came over and was already drinking sum so he smoked with me and everyone was laughing at me cause i was totally fucked up..i had takin a zanie, drank, and smoked...woa i havn't been that happy in soo fucking long...then later i passed out..of corse...

..woake up the next day and get laura to come to the movies and to get sum shoes with me (there vans and i love them)..we went to see The Forgotten..it was pretty good..oh and this whole time i keep trying to get intouch with tinker cause she came down but i couldn't get intouch with her...well apparently after leaving her lots of messages she called me and and left like 3 messages on my phone...I HATE PHONE TAGE!!..but yea never gotahold of her bitchass..ne ways after the movies laura and i went to Leahs where we drank and smoked sum...i was feelin real good...passed out at about 1am..then woke up and left leahs at 1pm cause she was goin to work and laura and i r suposed to meet thie kimi and her friend and smoke sum...but ofcorse we get to lauras and cant get ahold of either of them so we just smoke what weed we had left and watches Blow..which i left over there!!! oh well...so it was all-in-all a good weekend except for not seeing tink..but i knew that wouldn't happen..her parents hate me..they think i'm a bad influence..PSH!!!!

...OH..i talked to teddy but only to ask him if he hated me and he said no he never did so that was good..we talked alittle the next day..i think he might still like me cause every now and then i'll see him look at me..i'd really like to b better friends with him again....

and liked it

[28 Sep 2004|12:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]

friday it was jenn's b-day so i went over to her house to chill, but b4 i even get there we stoped at the subway and guess whos there...TEDDY! aah i wanted to talk to him but i was too much of a chicken shit...ne ways we got to their house but all we did was go into town to eat it was nice..jenns boyfriend paid..he's very useful..lol..i stayed the night there but had to leave saturday morning cause they were leaving to get away from the hurricane...

(later saturday)..i call laura and she wantes me to come and hang for a bit so i get my parents to take me over there and we smoked and talked it was nice...but i did spill cherry soda on her bed cause i was fuckin around being all high..FUCK ME!! sorry about that again laura...but yea my i had called my mom to tell her i needed to leave cause they were goin to lauras aunts house and she said that my dad was on his way but he was drunk as fuck so yea when he got there i had to drive home although my dad has mastered the art of the drunk driving but i didn't feel like taking the chance of getting pulled over, but i was still high and woa i've never drove on the highway while i was high..i ran off the road once while driving but my dad just said i ran off and back on the road properly (apparenly theres a wrong way) so he got into this big spill how people can die from jerking back on the road but i wasn't really listening...driving while high is wierd...we were goin down 88 and theres never ne one on that road so i was driving in the center to try and prevent running off the road again..but my dad drives the same way so he said it was alright..lol...

...we lost power yesterday...still no power, grrr, no school though

...allie i finished your book...it was interesting

and liked it

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