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i can see u but you can't see me....i could touch you and you wouldn't even feel me

i've made cory sum new sn's...himsax666x and my favorite Aluras6sex9slave yea add them to yalls shit... other news i still havn't found a life, i went on a quest to find my mind (cause apparently i lost it)...still havn't found balls to comit suicide..*tears* no i'm getting better, slowly but it's happening...i've stoped doing drugs until i get unsick..or whatever..things could b worse..holla yea and i've been talking to teddy for a little while now...he's cool..but i don't think i like and allie have found that i never fully got closure on the we'll see what happens...oh and there is a pretty boy in my lunch with pretty eyes...if only i could talk to him..humm..naah i'll just rape cory..hehe jk
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