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guess whos back!!

well i've been doin a whole lotta computer is working i guess but i don't know how much i'll use ways...i've been hangin with my cuz and his people latly and AAAH!!! he see i like to hang with my cuz cause he knows he has the contacts that know this guy i like/think i like but nooo o'mighty slacker cousin of mine got grounded ALL WINTER BREAK, so yea can't see sexy boy which isn't really that bad i i did give this boy my # but he says he lost yea right lost it in the trash. *shrugs*...
...damn chase and i have the worst timming in the whole fucking world...right when i start likeing 'guy' he asks me out...i mean i like chase but i know it wouldn't work out..i just like things the way they are..i love the boy but i know that when we started dating he would totally disgust me and piss me off all the time...thats just the kind of person i am, and i don't want to ruin our friendship he means too much to ways...corys the only boy for

but good news...katie..the girl johnny (my cuz) likes just might be comming over tomorrow...YAY!!
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