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new years!

well new years was intertaining...we all went to this guys house and well drank n shit not really smashed but ya know...johnny was pretty drunk and well loryn and tristram were obviously wanting to be alone (so i thought) but loryn was all "i want maccaroni and cheese" and i was like "maccaroni and cheese is code name for we wanna be alone" it was soo fucking hilarious cause i kept wresteling with johnny tryin to get him outside but it wasn't working...aaah it was a amusing night..(you would of had to be there)..we got back at like 3 and well didn't wake up til 5pm...

AAAAH!!...ok so the guys house that we were at well he passed out so were just goin through his shit and we find some porn so of corse we plug it in...AAH! it was the worst porn ever...funny but yea fireworks at the relatives went ok i guess...well thats all folks
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