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well damnit I's jus' tryin to help you our bitch -meatwad-

well today was painful as hell...first of all i didn't pass out til like 330am cause i'm so used to stayin up late...and well then..the day bus is late as fuck but whatever, sexy boy rides bus for first time in ages so i think this is cool i'll get some convo time in..but yea it was alot more difficult keeping up the convo then i was hopping so that idea crashed and burned (he didn't seemed too excited to b talking to me either so yea) this pretty much where my day died.....well i'm sick and of corse never look that great ne ways but today apparently i looked expecially hideous cause all my friends mentioned somthing about my paleness/pissed off look i had on my face..AAHRARRAAG! top things off i starts tweeking out in spanish (as usual after lunch) and Greg refuses to a kiss ON THE CHEEK!..*sigh* he taunts me with his

!!!this is just bitchin about my's not really worth reading...

...gets home...
loryn comes over as usual were chillin and after we got back from the store Tristram pulled up and we're all sittin inside and my mom starts screaming at loryn and through broccoli(sp?) at her..i was sooo embarissed i just asked them both to mom has been acting totally fucked in the head her hormones r alll fucked...i almost cryed she embarissed me so bad...but yea after the..incident..loryn comes back, mon starts yelling at her and then talking to her and chillin n shit...SHE'S BIPOLAR I SWEAR! make up your mind you hate a bitch or you like her...and she's always talking shit about how terrible loryn is and that i can't go out riddin with the guys cause of her or what ever so we start fighting and then she calms down...her mood swings were totally pissing me off. Then she starts wresteling wiht loryn cause she's all hypper n shit and then trys to start fucking with me so i just left and went out side and sat in my car til i cooled off...i cannot stand the noises that woman makes with her face! ways i'm done bitchin bout mumsie
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